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cups one of the winners in the second annual, healthy lunchtime challenge. sponsored by michelle obama. more than 1,300 entries were submitted. rose scott the only one to win and be represented from california. >> wow. pork and tofu lettuce cups. we have to get that recipe. >> right up your alley. >> thank you for joining us us at 5:00. see you at 6:00. >> bye-bye. >>> on our broadcast tonight, inside the cockpit as flight 214 slammed into a seawall in san francisco. and with the focus now on the pilots, tonight what investigators have learned about what was happening in those final moments before impact. >>> breaking their silence. those three young kidnapped women held captive in a house in cleveland for a decade. they're speaking out now for the first time. >>> marijuana for kids. a growing number of parents using it to treat everything from autism to epilepsy. and while it's controversial, they say it works. >>> and great expectations in london, where they are awaiting the big arrival any day now. "nightly news" begins now.
work right now. anyway, that is happening in las vegas this weekend. and if that particular blend of republican congressional leadership and the president obama secretly foreign conspiracy theory, if that particular blend of that combination is not your thing in las vegas this weekend, you do have other options. all you have to do is leave the venetian where the republican ladies are hosting their kevin mccarthy birther guy gala, leave the venetian, take a left on the strip, and five minutes down the road you'll find yourself at the planet hollywood resort and casino in las vegas, you will find you have another republican politics combined with birtherism option on the same weekend. because the planet hollywood resort and casino this weekend is hosting something called freedom fest. it's going on right now. it will keep going into this weekend. this year's highlights include the author of a book called "evolution: a theory in crisis." also the obligatory "is the united nations becoming our master" confab. our pal from down the block, the president obama is secretly foreign guy wil
, as putin put it. anthe ball is on his side of oe field. ld reporter: late today, president obama spoke with keesident putin about the aowden standoff. obviously that conversation was private, but the white house position has been pretty clear, scott. the white house says snowden is not a human rights activist or dissident, he's a fugitive wanted on three felonies who should be returned to the u.s. at once. >> pelley: bob orr in our tushington newsroom. bob, thank you. late today a doctor at san francisco general hospital said a third person has now died in the crash of flight 214. and the police have confirmed that one of the victims who died iedthe airport was run over by a esponding fire truck. it appears she was covered in firefighting foam at the time. the police don't know yet if the truck killed her or if she was asad already. ahere was a deadly train derailment today outside paris. at least six people were killed, dozens were injured. two cars left the tracks and slammed into a station. it took hours to pull everyone out. the train was packed with people heading off to celebrate
of uncertainty, lou. >> that's what makes markets, that's why we love them, right? >> scott, thanks for being with us. >> have a good evening. >> you too. >>> up next, the brand new book, collusion illustrates how team obama used the liberal mainstream media to steal the 2012 election and how to avoid a repeat in 2016. britt bow zel is next. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles youan actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ win! what's in your wallet? for their family. that's why i created the honest cpany. i was just a concerned mom, with a crazy dream. a wish that there was a company that i could rely on, that did of the hard work for me. i'm jessica alba and the honest company was my dream. [ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped a million businesses successfully get
themselves out normally if not right and the idea of groupthink with the eisenhower years will provide the leadership but their ideal obama gives eloquent speeches he doesn't have the follow through that is vital. he also hinted at something that i found very discouraging he was imploring the young people in jerusalem to call for peace which is fine but he also had a line that is extraordinary that jfk would never have bettered. he said, unable in paraphrasing, don't expect an elected official like me to do this unless we're pushed to do it from people like you. that is the modern political view. politics has become tremendously professionalized and package. among the most damaging people on the civilian side are political advisers i dislike the profession. there many nice people but the profession is terrible because leadership does not focus groups it is not the polls or refined followership to track is a you know, increasing tom decoders you will get off but that is what politics are right now. i have seen it close up and nobody takes risks and if you are not courageous the world w
security numbers while they were there. >> all right. so we are getting reports of problems for president obama's health care law roll out. in the last couple of months, it is one head loin after orth with these. including a story on may 2nd about part- time workers and how they could get their hours cut so employers don't have to cover health insurance and they would lose out on health insurance at work. and this head loin on john 13th, associated press noted that the president's health care law may be unaffordable for low wage workers and the a p reported that getting face time with the family doctor is harder and you will mote a lot of people who have health insurance and that make its tougher to see the family doctors and in the last week we saw the beg news on how the administration delays part of the plan until 2015 and so that the growing pains are the question here and whether or not it is a sign of a serious problem with the roll out and when it will happen. >> we have lesly and chris. welcome to both of you. >> hi, martha. >> lesly, let's start with you. i am imagining that you
with the way washington works these days.ou our allstar panel will look at how president obama has ruinedpr everything. ay humans may eventually evolve beaks to replace our teeth. or in evening land, to replace the places their teeth used to be. that's right. i am
the relationship that he has with the obama administration. so, the russians will be happy to see this come to an end, but we're still not sure how long it's going to take. >> all right, thank you so much. okay, now, on to egypt. we just reported a moment ago that now, we understand according to reuters reporting that the opposition leader there in egypt has been summoned to the presidential palace and that the interim president wants to lead some talks with him and apparently, he may be pinted the interim prime minister of the country of egypt. all of this taking place just days after the ousting of mohammed morsi. carl is in cairo. we've seen for the past few days masses of people. those supporting morsi and those supporting -- >> reporter: outside the headquarters of the republican guard building. wire here separating the military on one side. the significance of that building is that is where we believe the deposed president morsi is still being held under arrest. if you lock across here, then what you can see are thousands, possibly even tens of thousands of supporters of the deposed p
the united states to suspend military aid to egypt in light of the growing turmoil will. is that the right move? we are going to put that question to john bolton who will be joining us live in just a few minutes. >>> the obama administration here in america's news headquarters is backing off some requirements of the affordable care act. you know, obamacare. now scaling back the rules and verifying consumers' income and insurance stat us, just days after the administration announced it is delaying the employer mandate of the health care overhaul, how much of this is even left? let's bring in our political panel, former president of women's media center, fox news contributor. angela mcglowen. great to see both of you. >> good to see you, too. >> you know on the campaign trail the president promised that everybody would get health insurance and then came obama care. now, little by little, parts of it are being chiseled away or delayed because of the difficulty in implementing it. where does that leave the american people who need that coverage? >> well, you are absolutely right. the american
to be embattled as a conservative, a very right-wing guy that lives and works in new york city. i used to live here in union square in new york, which was the epicenter of obama mania. i was up late doing commentary in 2008 at two or three in the morning. i went back home and i was irritable and here at union square. people were chanting and singing and randomly high-fiving people, little do they know that whenever i encounter these kind of liberal youths, i am reminded of a reagan story when he was governor here in california. when i spontaneously broke out and he was at a meeting of the board of trustees and while he was there, a demonstration started at the front of the building. and a staff member wanted to sneak out the back. and i said no, i'm going to go through the back or he gets in his car. they are kind of scruffy and hippie looking, hippie types. and they were chanting that we are the future. the story goes that in that case i'm going to sell my bonds. [laughter] so i have written this post on lincoln which has been out about a week. i have had some interesting experiences with it.
and for the people to really be heard in 2008, president obama won the the south, and who have been fighting this very aggressive, far right wing attack on rights in the state that have come to a head over the last couple of years. they have been visible and inspiring in showing what we can do when we come together, one for all and all for one. at the same time, we've seen big victories on voting rights in states just north. some of them below the mason- dixon line. a couple of weeks ago, governor bob mcdonnell took the last of the jim crow voter suppression, the lifetime ban of formerly incarcerated people voting. [applause] doneat we may not have today, clap for a republican. the reality is that it will -- they were extremely courageous. i bagged cain to do the exact same thing when he was on his way to be the governor of the dnc. this franchise reinvention eyes 200,000 virginia voters -- these are working people likely to be democratic voters. he is a civil rights voter edits and easy argument. he argued some principles that i couldn't even recognize. then we go to mcdonald's early in his
's the critical question at the end of the day. >> michael: and that's the critical question for president obama. how much of this vote is motivated by personal careers, and how much is motivated by actually seeking progress. >> i believe if they do the politicalpolitical calculous right, they would find voices. there are some of the most anti-immigrant voices in the nation can be heard in the house of representatives and unfortunately in the republican party, but i believe they are the minority of voices. i believe if speaker boehner permits the democrats which overwhelmingly support immigration reform, and to the extent that there is a block of republicans if given their opportunity to vote, there would be more than enough votes to pass the senate bill or any similar version. the question is are we going to unshackle the opportunity to positively affect the economy of the country grow the country's gross domestic product create jobs increase prosperity, and take those dreamers to help fuel our competitiveness globally. greater security in our country and at the same time preserve our history t
, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >>> our "instant index" tonight begins with a lesson in table manners at the white house. first lady michelle obama hosted a state dinner for the kids today, a lunch, for the 54 winners of the healthy recipe contest. unlike formal state dinners, this time guests were encouraged to eat with their fingers. something president obama noted. >> michelle never said to me that i can pick up something with my fingers at a state dinner. >> he can't. we're not starting that. >> that's not fair. >> by the way, some of the finger food on the menu, picky eater pizza pockets -- say that five times -- and bring it on brussels sprouts wrap. sounds pretty good. >>> you have heard of the city that never sleeps. how about the building that never sleeps? an artificial beach with a sun that shines 24 hours a day complete with sand, man-made waves, even a sea breeze. it's one of the wonders inside the world's largest building in china which opened to the public. the building so big, thre
say he would made the right moves on afghanistan in this time in office. >> i think it's a big selling point for president obama to leave office to say i ended the war in iraq and afghanistan. those are big accomplishments by any measure at least looking at it that way. the question is whether or not you leave behind a cub tree that falls apart, that becomes a problem all over again that requires americans to return in some fashion or another. it's not as easy as simply saying, okay, we're coming home at the end of 2014. you have to be careful that what you leave behind is is something that can stand on its own. that's the open question. >> andrea mitchell and peter baker, thanks to you both for joining us. >> thanks for having us. my pleasure. we'll be back in just a minute. edward sphoa snowden the former n.s.a. contractor remains in limbo. he's believed to be in the transit area of the moscow airport. so far three latin american countries have offered him asylum: venezuela, nicaragua and bow live i can't remember i can't. the debates over his actions and the n.s.a.'s surveillance pr
. president obama's plan is a step in the right direction. and i'm encouraged that e.p.a.'s moving quickly on meaningful standards for power plants. strong power plant standards are an imperative if we're going to avert the worst impacts of climate change. we've got a lot of work to do, mr. speaker, and it's time to get this house headed in the right direction on climate policy. mr. huffman: i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from montana seek recognition? without objection, the gentleman from montana is recognized. mr. daines: mr. speaker, i rise today to honor dustin ded for, a 24-year-old montana native who was monday among the 19 hot shot firefighters who recently died while battling a wildfire in arizona. the son of reverend steve and up te deford, dustin grew in the smalltown in montana where he was well known for his joyful spirit, as well as his deep faith in christ. dustin also had a passion for community service at an early age. in fact, he volunteered for the carter county fire department as soon as he turned 18 and continued working as a
, ronald reagan had a 59% approval rating as he was nearing t inin his eight years. president obama is in the mid 40s right now and you look at macro political condition in the country, it's hard to see how that mid 40s number has upward pressure as opposed to downward pressure exerted on it. >> joe? >> and gene robinson, also, i don't want to sound like jon meacham here, but before george h.w. bush followed ronald reagan the last time that happened was when martin van burren got elected. so it's not easy for the same party to continue and to stay in office, but it may happen here. but there are, though, it's not going to be a coronation. the economy is going to continue, economists say, to stagger along. we're not going to have morning in america three years from now. >> well, and, you know, the truth is, we don't really know, joe. i mean it is -- it's certainly early to tell where the economy is going to be and it's way early to tell who the republican party is going to run for president and what sort of shape both parties are going to be in then, whether there are deep divisions
. >> that's right. the u.s. is furious for what they say russia giving mr. snowden what they call a propaganda platform. heavy criticism yesterday from the white house and the state department and president obama got on the phone to call president putin. russia has said they were neutral, they couldn't help him in this transit area. officials are telling me by allowing him to have this press conference, to meet with human rights activists, they're almost in effect treating him as if he almost has asylum already. so what the u.s. is really urging, they hope russia still has a chance to do the right thing, send him back to the united states, but president putin is in a bit of a box now because he is not -- he's in a lose/lose situation. on one hand domestically he needs to show he's the strong man not bowing to the united states and caving to the pressure. at the same time he wants to preserve his relationship with president obama. the two leaders are supposed to have a summit in september. officials tell me that's on hold while this whole matter is resolved. so right now there's a
larry summers may land that job after months of lobbying president obama. summers is flash point for many off and on wall street. ed butchy, former speechwriter for larry summers, said he would be an excellent choice. he joins us right few for geneva. jim does not agree. good to see you both. so jim, let me kick it off with you. what do you think the market reaction would be if larry summers got the fed chairmanship? >> i think if president obama wants a market rattling circus after confirmation hearing, then by all means he should pick larry summers. i think that is a theory he would be easily confirmable. because of his intellect. because of his time in the clinton administration. i think republicans would use this to put obamaites on trouble. and for housing bubble. and i'm not sure if he is confirmable and if he is, he is a weakened fed chairman when i think you need a strong fed chairman. >> ed, what about you? what's your take? >> i disagree with jim on that. i think if there is any problem for larry summers in terms of confirmation it would be from the left by people like
our ally, obama, mubarak and say you only have a little bit of time. slowly start dismantling the elements of democracy question the parliament. put his own people into the military, taking away e civil and equal rights. what we should have done is say we give you a lot of aid, we will take that unless you install democracy. instead, we gave him equipment. they say morsi is your guy, america, it is your fault. melissa: and we're seeing a lot of fal fallback. a lot of backlash as if we were instrumental in all this, but i can hear voices on the left saying how is it our business to going to a country and say to a democratically elected president you must do this and this or else we will not give you any money. aren't we giving them aid because we are humanitarians and we care about people who are hungry? >> that money buys us a seat at the table. we don't give aid is just a gift, we give it as a tool. i look at any kind of aid and say what is in the interest of my country, what is america's interest? america has an interest in peace in the middleast, after the war of 1973 the b
that snowden is by no means a human rights activist. no word on whether president obama expressed any of that in his conversation with vladimir putin. but the white house says it remains hopeful it will not damage u.s. and russian relations. >>> meantime, out of texas for you this morning the texas state senate has just approved one of the strictest anti-borges measures in the entire country. this bill bans abortions after 20 weeks. it requires clinics to perform abortions, meet the same arounds as emergency clinics. that matters because that could mean most abortion clinics in texas don't meet that standard and can close. it has a strong backing from republican governor rick perry. a version of this bill died after an 11-hour filibuster by senator wendy davis. and passing on friday, texas say handful of conservative states that has enacted similar laws. >>> a third person has now died as a result of the asiana airlines crash. a hospital official in san francisco said a girl is dieing from her injuries. no details about her. but police are now saying one of the other two teenagers who
behavior is inappropriate or of concern or that the clothing is gang related, the fair will have the right to ask you to remove it. >>> more turmoil tonight in egypt. >> they are going to put up a fight. and it's probably going to be pretty ugly. >> how president obama is responding to the violence overseas. >>> found sitting on the sidewalk with a gunshot wound to the face. the reason police think the man was a victim of road rage and why it's still a mystery as to where the shooting happened. >>> new reports unconfirmed that poisoned meat balls are showing up in san francisco neighborhoods. i'll tell you where. >> these stories and more coming up new at 6. ♪ [ male announcer ] when the a.c. goes out in a heat wave, it's nuccio heating and air conditioning that comes to the rescue. at&t helped nuccio put a complete mobile solution to work. mobile routing to send the closest technician and mobile payments to invoice on the spot. where do you want to take your business? call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪ >>> in iraq a suicide bomber
a image at the left hand side to the fusleage. but you can so the smoke coming up from the right side. and the fire started on the right hand side. >> where the one engine was. >> captain nash. we'll keep you here and we'll attack a quick break and we'll have information. president obama has directed his team to stay in constant contact with those investigating and responding to the accident. the president's thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those affected by the crash. we are awaiting new's conference and we'll bring it to you when it comes in. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands? >> new information coming in on the crash of the asiana flight 214 in san francisco international airport. the boeing 777 from sul soul, south korea crashing while landing this afternoon. video shows that the fusleage burned off and engine missing and debris scattered on the runw
cable satellite corp. 2013] >> on sunday, a forum on online fundraising with a look at the obama and elizabeth warren campaigns and a discussion on voting rights. roles reform and campaign finance. purchase it's in -- participants include greenpeace's executive director and and oregon senator. it begins on noon eastern on c- span. , a discussion about the future of the republican party. and then inform on the future of mental health treatment and then experts examine the relationship between gun violence and mental health. >> one of the points we make in this book, did it make any difference to have direct elections? we come down on the side, yes. senators began to act like house members. not something any senator wants to hear. it means they were scavenging for votes. they had to deal with the people as opposed to, if you have a legislature with 26 members, all you need is 14 votes. you can easily pay off, and they did, in some cases, pay off 14 senators, paying off their mortgages and couple of cases to buy their election. ,> more with richard baker sunday night on c-span's q&a
? >> reporter: well, there is not a lot of love, heather, for the united states right now on both sides of the protests. we have stood here, watched the crowds go in to tahrir square and carrying signs pretty nasty, pretty critical of the obama administration policy. it seems that if it's for those demanding the ouster of morsi, they think that washington hung on to morsi for too long. they think that washington might still be backing morsi at the same time morsi's supporters think that the u.s. must have known about what they brand as simply a military coupe, a takeover of the government. the interim government we've been looking at seems to be shaping up. we have new reports that an interim prime minister is being considered. we first thought it was going to be mohammed al baradi. that seems to have gone aside. he's now being talked about as a vice president. there is a reformist politician that's being talked about, too, but still, that is yet to be confirmed. that's still very much a work in progress. keeping everybody happy here. a lot of angry people out there right now, heather.
're sorry we elected barack obama. we don't like obamacare let's have the generals come in, throw him out put somebody else in and then say is it really a coup? you're damn right it is. >> jim irwin says regarding john mccain one quote fits all with him. get off my lawn. get off my lawn. >> bill: totally. let's go out to aurora, illinois. donald, what's up? good morning. >> i support what the egyptians did. i think they did the right thing. the guy was no good, bringing the country down. but to let you take it from there, who is the muslim brotherhood? you take it from there. >> bill: the muslim brotherhood is an islamic political organization, at one time classified as a terrorist organization. no longer. sort of like the plo they decided the way to get things done finally came around was to get involved in the political process. and they did. but you know, you say right away the guy was no good. he was bringing the country down. a lot of people said that about george bush. i did. a lot of people say that about barack obama. what do you do? you turn it over to the military? you have an e
obamacare. on the op-ed page today of the "wall street journal" they write like king james ii, barack obama decides not to enforce laws he does not like. >>brian: mitt romney would have, if he got elected done that right away. jay carney says we just want to get it right, so leave us alone. >>gretchen: he's listening to people who have complaints while business owners about how not cost effective it was. the other thing, specifically in my home state of minnesota, is that now you have two democratic senators -- klobachar and al franken who are against the tax on medical devices. why do they care so much about it? there are 45,000 to 50,000 people employed in minnesota in those types of companies. minnesota is known for these types of companies. i find it interesting that two senators who no doubt voted for obamacare are going out on the road with orrin hatch and another democratic senator who is escaping me right now to try and repeal that part of obamacare. >>steve: senator hatch has written a letter to the secretary of h.h.s., and what he's asking is how come the subsidies, the amount of
. does that work on the national stage? i mean obama won women by 11 points, i believe, in the 2012 exit polls? >> i think abortion is a pretty complicated political instrument. if you look at the democrats in texas right now trying to reach out to latinos, this probably isn't the issue that they would have chosen because it -- >> in texas. >> -- yeah. in texas amongst the latino community there is a real complicated relationship with abortion. i think part of what happens is the more subtle nuanced approach. for instance, if you wipe out more than half of the installed base of clinics in texas, you all the family planning goes with it. all the -- and so you end up with people who are often getting pregnant at higher rates because you have taken out other options. i do think it is an argument that calls for an incredible amount of nuance. never gets it. >> but politically, i mean this is the opposite of what the republican autopsy report on 2012 recommended. they were supposed to be a more inclusive party and you've seen this movement in states across the country other past 20 weeks. now
constitutional rights lobbying group that gun manufacturers use to buy off congressmen then they send out terrifying mailings to scare you that obama is taking your guns. they don't represent their members. they represent the gun manufacturers, the only ones who have profited from what happened in newtown. >> people who want gun control after newtown are exploiting a massacre. >> john: no, they're not. they're trying to prevent the next massacre, sir. when we talk about the nra we're not talking about all of their members. in frank's poll of nra members 87% believe second amendment freedom went hand in hand with preventing gun violence. that's responsibility. >> wayne lapierrre is all about responsibility. >> john: no, wayne lapierrre fights for the rights of mine yaks to not have to reload mid massacre. every time he talks about massacre an angel coughs up blood. >> i need guns to defend myself when the government comes for my guns. >> john: this government can't make deadbeat dads pay their child support. who are you going to shoot? you think you can bring a gun to a drone fight? >> you
the most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. >>> welcome back to "hannity." the white house decision to there a the employer mandate until 2015 on obama care is not sitting well with republican lawmakers. a hearing about this overreaching decision of the white house. here are some highlights. >> treasury department announcement confirms our concerns. obama care is simply not ready. for patients, families and their children, though, you have to wonder. if obama care isn't ready for business, is it ready for my family? a lot of lives are at stake. >> this law is literally just unraveling before our eyes. i don't know how you can conclusion this is not a total fiasco. >> now we've got a situation where essentially the administration for years has been pumping sunshine. for years, the administration, whenned ask easked how is the gt coming to fruition? this committee and others have been told, it's fine, it's great. we have it your honor control. in fact, we have a wonderful plan for your life
're right. that's what they pay her for. go ahead eric. >> i think she's going to be way less interesting on fox because everyone is in heated agreement about how awful obama is. what she provided an supering spark, she was crazy and it got very loud on "the view." but you know, let's face it, it made for some interesting tv, clips that people play over and over. she sits on the couch with fox who cares. she's just another, let's face it she's another blond on fox who says what everyone else says on fox. i don't think people are going to be that interested. the other couple of interesting things that happened, gretchen carlson now gets bumped up. apparently she'll have her own show on fox. the hosts of fox and friends which were famously spoofed on saturday night live for not getting the date right. they make up all these things in the morning. that's now being rewarded and elevated gretchen will have her own show. it's the bottom feeding happening. you get everything wrong in the morning, you get with regarded, now she'll get everything wrong at noon or 1:00 p.m. or wherever they're goin
a pretty high profile meeting of their own, mike. >> that's right. the white house emphasized the economic benefits of immigration reform and the cost of not getting it done, president obama met with the congressional hispanic caucus at the white house today. aides say the president expressed the need to pass immigration reform now to help the economy grow, create jobs, or reduce the deficit. here is a key house democrat's assessment. it was wonderful to be part of a productive meeting with the president. we had incredibly candid and productive conversation on accomplishing comprehensive immigration reform. like us, the president believes that there are compelling moral and economic reasons to support comprehensive reform. house republicans are exarlg to the president's healthcare law and suggesting a single massive piece of legislation is not the way to go, shep? >> shepard: mike, former president george w. bush weighed in on all of this today to congress to find a resolution on immigration reform. he spoke during a naturalization ceremony at presidential ceremony in dallas i meant bush 4
for and established really at the start of the civil rights act 1964. people don't really focus on its role and it seems to be more active under the obama administration. basically they are sent down to rallies like this to provide kind of conciliation, support, and they have agents that stand out in the crowd with these blue wind breakers on and these gold badges. they don't carry weapons. but they are there to kind of monitor and quote facilitate. other types of rallies. tea party rallies, make sure the tea partiers are safe and it's all civil rights generated? >> it's supposed to be a federal civil rights priority to have in this group of individuals dispatched by the justice department to offer, you know, support and. >> bill: maybe protection and monitoring and all of that? >> exactly. and they facilitate conversations between religious leaders and community activists. it's very strange. >> bill: yeah. but here's the deal. if this justice department group, being paid for by the taxpayers, under the charge of the attorney general holder, if they were organizing or if they were paying fo
. >> we will see what happens. lou: thank you so much. up next, president obama roofie -- receiving failing grades into influential polls. the "a-team" takes up that and an administration that is now, well, very much on the defensive. is it also land? we are coming right back. ♪ ♪ lou: joining me now, the "a-team". thank you both for being here. let's get to the politics. the new poll shows that the president's approval rating is under water and, 44 percent approval -- disapproval. 48 percent gallup. the daily gallup has an underwater as well. jeddah diet, your reaction? >> not surprised. there has been a lot of lack of consistency. the public struggles to figure out where barack obama stance, why we intervene in certain areas and not others. will we choose to intervene, particularly with respect to syria. redefining the red line. all lot of confusion and what the public likes is clarity. want to know where he stands, and i will also said that in that particular poll 60 percent of the people polled do not want us involved in syria, so there is an non interventionist sort of wing
with majority leader harry reid putting his finger right over the nuclear option on filibuster reform. reid and fellow democrats have had it with the g.o.p.'s stone walling tactics which have not only held up president obama's nominees for the cabinet but have sandbagged his entire legislative vaned. dusting off his boxing gloves, reid singled out senate minority leader mitch mcconnell for leaving him no other options than to go nuclear air. >> the republican leader has failed to live up to his commitments. he has failed to do what he said he would do, move nominations by regular order except in extraordinary circumstances. i refuse to unilaterally surrender my right to respond to this breach of faith. >> michael: of course, mcconnell struck back claiming that reid was manufacturing a crisis to replace the senate mandate of "advice and consent" with quote sit down and shut up. >> it appears as if they've convinced the majority leader to do their bidding and hijack the senate. they're not interested in advise and consent. they're not even interested in what this would mean down the road when
will see what happens. lou: thank you so much. up next, president obama roofie -- receiving failing grades into influential polls. the "a-team" takes up that and an administration that is now, well, very much on the defensive. is it also land? we are comin right back. ♪ with our "name your price" tool, people pick a pric and we help them find a policy that works for them. huh? also... we've been working on something very special. [ minions gaspohhh!le ] ohhh! one day the world... no, the universe wilhave the pricing power they deserve. mouhahaha! mouhahaha! uhahaha! ooh-hee-hee-hee! blaaaah! we'll work on it. wah-hah-h! stopping at nothing to help you save. [ villain ] well mr. baldwin... it appearsur journey has co to a delightful end. then i better use the capital one purchase eraser to redeem my venture miles for this trip. purchase eraser? it's the easy way to erase any recent travel expense. i just pick a charge, like my flight with a few taps, it's taken care of. impressive baldwin. does it work for hotels? absolutely thank goodness. mrs. villain and i are planning our... you scare
his opinion on the recent gutting of the voting rights act says, "we don't need it anymore." he said, "the country has changed. this is the age of obama. we've got our first black president." and justice roberts even mentioned bloody sunday in selma and the murder of those three young people -- james chaney, andrew goodman, and michael schwerner near philadelphia, mississippi. and roberts wrote, "today, both of those towns," selma and philadelphia, mississippi, "are governed by african-american mayors. problems remain in those states," the justice said, "but there is no denying that due to the voting rights act, our nation has made great strides." we have made great strides. what's your reaction? >> we certainly have made great strides. but all we have to do is look at the voter suppression movement that arose from many of the covered states incidentally, in 2011 and -- >> states -- >> -- 2012. >> -- states covered by the voting rights act? >> correct. voter i.d.s that are very difficult for african-americans, and whites as well, who are elderly and don't have those documents. it cos
some pods as to what is left as their rights as a minority. -- some pause as to what is left as their rights as a minority. host: you can send us an e-mail or send us a tweet. voices on this, including senator barack obama on the senate floor in 2005. [video clip] >> one day democrats will be in the majority again. mr. president, licensed the talk is more about power than fairness -- i sense the talk is more about power than fairness t. they can get away with it. the right -- if the right of free and open debate is taken away from the minority party i fear the party atmosphere in washington will be poisoned to the point where no one will be able to agree on anything. that does not serve anyone's best interest at it is not what the patriots who founded this democracy had in mind. old line, "where you ."and depends on where you sit three years later barack obama is in the white house and dealing with some of the same issues that has frustrated previous guest: presidents, including george w. bush. guest:where you stand depends on where you sit applies to all senators. the minori
a message that you don't want investment or you only want the right investment. that must be very frustrating for you, isn't it? >> i think the obama administration has been very clear as have administrations before, for decades, the u.s. has a long-standing and unequivocal policy and support of foreign direct investment in the united states. this is not something that changes with presidencies. i can't think of any nation where government is -- the legislature is in lockstep agreement. i think the united states has an open and vibrant democracy. but every day, deals happen, deals close, in a predictable and transparent environment that is the united states and has been and will be for many years to come. >> all right. so what do you think about smithfield? >> i don't eat pork, so i'll refrain from providing an opinion. >> aaron, thanks for that. good to see you. aaron brickman. the glass is only part full when it comes to the australian jobs picture. country added more than 10,000 new jobs in june, surprising economists, expecting losses. the surge came from part time workers, wh
at the heritage foundation. steven, looking at recent history with the obama administration, they don't usually cut aid to countries unless there's a military coo. right now, jay carney does not and is not willing to call it a coo in egypt. why is the administration continuing to teeter on whether or not to cut funding to egypt? >> well, because this situation, cheryl, is a little bit different. you know, this is like saying hitler was elected, but we shouldn't have done anything to topple the government because he was elected. moo move dmorsi moved away from the constitution, and we had to see something done. rather it not been the military, but it was. we should look at this a little, with a little more nuance than just cutting off aid. cheryl: mubarak was a dictator, a brutal dictator, responsible for the murders of millions of egyptians. in 2011, that was not a military coo and continued aid, and there was democratic elections, but in this particular stage, you tell me that morsi was creating basically a civil war in your pan, and that he needed to go, that we should be giving aid to the co
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